Tuesday, August 23, 2016

My Daily Beast article on "Wild West, Wild East" was the most read cultural article Sunday in the US according to Real Clear Books

     My Daily Beast article on Karl May and Hitler's "Frontier": Wild West, Wild East - he liked to refer to "Ukrainian redskins" - was apparently the most looked at article on books in American media on Sunday - as listed in RealClearBooks.com..  The article itself  reflects some 5 years of work (other scholars have been on to this issue quite  a bit since 2012, particularly Carroll Kakel and Kristin Kopp) and breaks a lot of new ground on how genocide toward indigenous people comes back to haunts its perpetrators (and in addition, many, many ordinary people...). Who would have thought, after all, that the Wild West was the model for Lebensraum and World War II?  

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Real Clear Books Monday

Morning Update
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