Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Incompetent racists: Melania Trump cribs Michelle Obama and Steve King of Iowa puffs up like a "white man"

    The corporate press has made Donald Trump and his extraordinary racism - based on his father's ties to the KKK and his own racism in pushing tweets from Britain First and the National Alliance - a likely President of the United States. See here. The theme of this racist Convention is to reinforce the wanton murder of black people by the police. Of course, the lives of police officers matter (though capitalist oppression and police murders over years and military training have set up a situation in which a few people strike back violently against officers who had done no crime) - but all the slogans - consider Seth Stevens questioning of the racist Bobby Jindal on Fox about "all lives matter" - are to justify racist police murder. Yesterday, the Jane Meyer interview with the author of Trump's fraudulent The Art of the Deal reveals that the impetuous man has no attention span except for things about himself.  See here.  Fraudulent: a) Trump can't write and has desperately few thoughts; b) the Trumpster casino magnate defrauded his investors and didn't pay the people who worked for him, forcing many small companies out of business.  In any case, the corporate press notwithstanding, since when are casinos serious American manufacture...


    Melania's speech, a stiff high point in a bleak evening of vicious racism, turns out ironically, hilariously to be  cribbed from Michelle Obama's 2008 speech. Melanie can't speak effectively without relying on the words of a marvelous black woman.  Steven Colbert was right in quipping that he belonged at the microphone no more than Trump (although none of the Republican candidates, except Rand Paul on foreign policy was any better).


     To white folks tempted to get high on racism (one Utah woman reported being belittled and menaced in the ladies' room by two Trumpwomen  for protesting the rules), I would underline that Trump is a rich man because white folks allow themselves to be divided from black folks, and to look down on the oppression of others.  If you are a poor white, picked up by the police, jailed, tried and sent to prison, do you not also suffer from how black and chicano and native american folks are treated?  The rule of law needs to be applied fairly to all.


       And as Michael Reich showed statistically in a major work,Racial Inequalities: a Political-Economic Analysis, at Princeton Press in 1984, where black workers get the worst income and social services, there most whites are also the poorest, and the top 1% gets a greater share of the income/wealth.  That was Bernie Sanders" point: we are all in this together.  The corporate Democrats do not make this point.  That is a big and dangerous mistake.


    Trump authorizes and develops racism, with supreme incompetence.  His slogan like Mussolini's - he makes the trains run on time - is belied by the plagiarism of this speech.  Trump and King tout whites, but dumber, more sputtering and incompetent than this - and more murderous and destructive - one does not find.


    In the decadence of today's America, this is the "Republican" Party...


New Republic
July 18, 2016

Brian Beutler

This mashup of Melania Trump reading text plagiarized from Michelle Obama is incredibly damaging.

The cable outlets caught up belatedly to the unexpected, and unexpectedly huge, news out of the first night of the Republican National Convention, that several lines of Melania Trump’s speech were plagiarized from the speech Michelle Obama gave on her husband’s behalf in 2008. But when they did, they delivered. CNN presented the development like so:
Whether Melania knew she was reading plagiarized text or not (and I think it’s quite likely she did not) it’s just devastating to see a campaign premised on the imagined notion of Obama incompetence get caught stealing from Obama’s own operation. 
But the power of the images is actually much deeper. They don’t just negate something central to Trump’s appeal. They amplify one (actually more than one) of the main knocks on Trump himself: That he’s sloppy, erratic, in so many ways the opposite of the virtues he claims to embody. And, let’s not gloss over it, this is a depiction of a campaign—a campaign that nurtures white grievance and resentment—trying to profit off the work of a black woman, from an African American family that Trump and his supporters regularly belittle. The fact that the plagiarized text in question was about the value of hard work just makes matters worse. A mortifying, calamitous, self-immolating moment.  
Jeet Heer

Trump-loving congressman Steve King boldly declares that white people are the greatest. 

Donald Trump has made it easier to be a bigot in America. The latest evidence is Steve King, a Republican congressman from Iowa, who has been one of the staunchest defenders of his party’s nominee against the forces of #NeverTrump. On a MSNBC panel hosted by Chris Hayes, King responded to a comment Esquire writer Charles Pierce made about the GOP becoming the party of “old white people” by arguing that white people were responsible for almost all that is good in the world. According to King:
“This whole ‘white people’ business, though, does get a little tired, Charlie. I mean, I’d ask you to go back through history and figure out, where are these contributions that have been made by these other categories of people that you’re talking about? Where did any other sub-group of people contribute to civilization?”
When Hayes pushed against these remarks, King back-tracked slightly and pretended he was talking about “Western civilization.” But the meaning of the original remarks is hard to deny—that King thinks that “other sub-groups” pale in comparison to pale people. This is a Republican congressman talking on the first night of the Republican convention. The Trump era is opening the floodgates on public expressions of racism.

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