Saturday, July 23, 2016

First Unitarian Universalist Church, 11:30AM tomorrow: initial exit polls as the only test for fairness in American elections

Here is the announcement (Clinton now faces the horrific racist Trump, but the inability to check whether elections in America are fair, except by initial exit polls, means that with 30 states with Republican governors and Secretaries of State, the general election, in yet another, completely off limits and corrupt way, in doubt).

Community Forum - Sunday, July 24th 11:30 a.m. –in the Sanctuary at First Universalist Church of Denver 4101 E. Hampden Ave., Denver, CO  80222 – (NE corner of Hampden Ave. & S. Colorado Blvd.)

2016 Primary Exit Polls and Anomalous Electronic Vote Totals – with Prof. Alan Gilbert

When exit polls diverge from electronic vote totals to an extent far beyond the margin of error it suggests the machines have been hacked.[and that registrations have been thrown out, as the 123,000 in Brooklyn this year] What’s going on?  Who’s involved? What is the purpose? What can we do about it?  

In the 2016 Democratic Presidential Primaries the exit polls in 15 of 17 states consistently showed Sanders coming out on average with 9% more votes relative to Clinton than in the vote reported on electronic voting machines, suggesting Sanders actually won in Ohio, Massachusetts, and Illinois.  Exit polls record how randomly selected people actually voted immediately after they voted, and have been long recognized as the most reliable type of poll.  The U.S. State Department/Agency for International Development has relied upon exit polls as the established standard for determining whether election results are fraudulent in 14 different foreign countries.

Prof. Gilbert is not suggesting that Ms. Clinton played any part in these irregularities, which corporate interests could execute entirely on their own through a back door in electronic voting computer programs.  The corporate-owned media have been silent about these disturbing inconsistencies, have favored one candidate over another, and have been trying to redefine and discredit exit polls.  In fact, it was major media who contracted for the exit polls with Edison Group, which is now trying to discredit its own exit polls.

These discrepancies parallel the 2004 presidential exit polls showing that John Kerry probably won the presidency over George W. Bush by 4%, which particularly involved key swing states such as Ohio and Florida.  The Republican CEO of the leading electronic voting machine company, Diebold, had actually made an off-the-record oral guarantee before the election that Bush would win. 2/22/16 Harvey Wasserman on DemocracyNow!
An Open Letter to Nate Silver from Richard Charnin . Richard Charnin (TruthIsAll) Updated: Aug. 2, 2010 . Nate, since your recent hiring by the NY Times, the R2K flap ...

Prof. Gilbert examines these abnormalities and elections going back of couple of decades. Have the media abandoned exit polls as the standard for honest elections?  Why are the media now denigrating exit polls? Why their silence? What can we do?  Prof. Gilbert is professor of international relations at the Korbel School of International Affairs at Denver University and teaches at other area universities. He is the author of Black Patriots and Loyalists: Fighting for Emancipation in the War for Independence (Univ. of Chicago Press 2012) and other books.

See sworn testimony and statements by Clint Curtis, a computer programmer and Republican whistleblower, who says in 2004 he was asked by Florida Republican Congressman Tom Feeney to create and did create a computer program that would allow switching the vote on electronic voting machines from one candidate to the other without being detected, although he was told at the time the purpose was to detect cheating by Democrats."


   For a detailed argument on why initial polling is the only test of fairness in American elections given the use of voting machines with "proprietary programs," the monopoly of polling of Edison and its spokesman Joe Lenski, the big media monopolies, and no public check, see here.


      Corporate commentators are forbidden to mention initial exit poll data since 2004.  There, such polling was right in 143 out of 144 cases in the United States, "wrong" only for the supposed Bush "victory."  So in 2008, exit polls were not reported in New Hampshire though they plainly showed, as Chris Matthews chortled and Bill Clinton mourned, that Hillary did not win. See here.   But, miraculously, she ostensibly did on easily manipulable voting machines.  How the manipulation is done in each case is a question. That it occurs is unfortunately hugely likely.  All the  sputtering of shallow corporate commentators - Phillip Bump, Nate Cohn, Joshua Holland - about  "conspiracy theorists" -  does not alter this fact. 

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