Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Gideon Adegbile calls for community protest; Paul Ryan tries to ram through another bill

Dr. Gideon Adegbile, from Moraine, Ohio, wrote:

     "I strongly suggest and recommend that the people in the community (in DC/MD/VA areas) begin to gravitate toward The Capitol as we speak, to join our courageous Congressmen and Congresswomen who are staging a Historic Sit-In.

Getting support from the community will be a big boost for them and will send to Speaker Ryan and his cohorts an even stronger message.

Perhaps, people from the rest of the country can start gravitating toward DC as well.
Let's do it!!!"


   All Democratic representatives are chanting "No Bill No Break" as Paul Ryan runs tries to run through "ordinary" business.  The atmosphere is very intense. The audience chanted with the representatives (they were allowed that by the capitol police).  Ryan walked over to the Republicans with the Democrats yelling "Shame! Shame!" and pointing at him.

    Ryan spits in the face of those who want a ban on assault weapons. The sit-in will continue.  This is a first, and hopefully, precedent setting event.


    Gayle Mertz rightly wrote: "Perhaps this date [on which Andrew Goodman, James Cheney and Michael Schwerner were murdered in Philadelphia, Mississippi] will also be  remembered for the action taken by a dedicated group of U.S. congresspeople protesting the sanctioned use of military weapons by racists, homophobes, and bigots.....with a good old fashion 1960's style the hallowed halls of Congress."

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