Monday, April 25, 2016

Initial exit polls - the jewel of political science - shows election theft in New York and four other states - make Tim Robbins' apt tweet on this go viral


        Exit polling has been used by the State Department to test the validity of elections 15 times since 2000. Adapting real initial polls of voters to recorded results on voting machines which leave no paper trail and can be easily altered inverts what exit polling is about and  suggests strongly theft - a point that the Edison group (who does the exit polls and the revised pseudo-"polls" to fit the machine result) and all talking heads on the news or on panels - the Times or MSNBC or CNN, etc. - fail to ask the obvious question about. How can Edison value the fake result  and provide iterated pseudo-"polls" over the one reliable measure - exit polling - political "science" has produced? This practice reverses what the exit polls seek to find and has no justification.  Tim Robbins is right about this.  And everyone should make his tweet go viral, confront the Times, CNN and others with the obvious questions about exit polling. They are silent about this because there are no answers - except massive error or, more likely, fraud - to be given.  In Germany by the way, they issue exit polls immediately after the election and then count paper ballots for a day.  Their election are the gold standard.   More soon.

      Note: Robbins table omits New York where the exit poll showed a 4 point differential (Clinton 52- Sanders 48), but machine tabulation showed a "15.8 point differential," an arbitrary difference in Clinton's favor of 11.8%. See the full tweet here: 

      Make Tim Robbins tweet go viral.

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