Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Come support the Right to Rest Act - stop the "illegality" of being homeless - tomorrow at the Colorado State Capitol

      Each individual has a right not to be murdered and a right to a place to rest or sleep. These are core basic rights.   But the Denver City Council and Mayor Hancock, as well as much of Colorado, at the behest of corrupt business people, arrests or rousts people from being on the streets  or even from sleeping in cars in parking lots, public or private (Walmart).  Colorado also spends about a 20th of what Seattle, a smaller city, spends to take care of people who have fallen off the edge (lose a job or have only a minimum wage job, and there is no longer affordable housing; you - and often your children - are out on the street):

Colorado Right to Rest Act to be Heard in Local Government Committee Wednesday February 24th - Come! 

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Wednesday February 24th
Rally 12:30pm in front of Colorado State Capitol (Colfax and Lincoln)
Hearing 1:30pm in State Capitol Building (room to be determined) 

Remind our legislators all people need the right to rest! 

Send a letter and call of support to the Local Government Committee for HB 1191 TODAY!! – This committee will vote on whether we should have the Right to Rest on Wednesday 2/24 at 1:30pm. They need to know the people support the Right to Rest! Ask them to vote yes on HB 1191!
See talking points and more info here 

Here are the Committee Representatives’ names, districts, emails, and phone numbers:

Rhonda Fields, Chair – dist 42 – rhonda.fields.house@state.co.us303-866-3911

Steve Lebsock, Vice-Chair – dist 34 – steve.lebsock.house@state.co.us303-866-2931

Jani Arndt – dist 53 – jeni.arndt.house@state.co.us303-866-2917

Jessie Danielson – dist 24 – jessie.danielson.house@state.co.us303-866-5522

Gordon Klingenschmitt – dist 15 – klingenschmitt.house@state.co.us303-866-5525

Clarice Navarro – dist 15 – clarice.navarro.house@state.co.us303-866-2905

Kim Ransom – dist 44 – kim.ransom.house@state.co.us303-866-2933

Paul Rosenthal – dist 9 – paulrosenthal5280@gmail.com303-866-2910

Lori Saine – dist 63 – lori.saine.house@state.co.us303-866-2906

Jonathan Singer – dist 11 – jonathan.singer.house@state.co.us303-866-2780

Dan Thurlow – dist 55 – danthurlow55@gmail.com303-866-3068

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