Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A further note on Hillary's Gulf War/anti-Russia/3:AM reflex...

     Tracy Mott sent my post to Mark Johnson whom he describes below - an old friend of Hillry's though perhaps not so very close - and is very active for single payer health coverage.  Mark sent the lively account just below that description - one which again warns that  Hillary is dangerous in world affairs and the assumption that she is a smart and "overqualified commander in chief"  misses her record and disposition entirely.  That she is like the Republicans in global policy is true; that she is worse even than Trump is doubtful (though his remarks on Iraq last Saturday were far more straightforward than anything she has said).


I sent your debate post to Mark Johnson, a friend of mine from grad school, who also was good friends with Hillary in grade school and high school.  They also kept in touch in college, as Mark was at MIT and Hillary at Wellesley.  Mark, however, is willing to give up the chance for him and his wife to spend a night in the Lincoln Bedroom as Hillary's guest in order to support Bernie, and below he tells why. 



'Re: [Democratic-indv] A debate with Jeanette Baust over the movement for Bernie - see here

Rather weak defense of Hillary for sure.  But, the anti-Hillary side missed out on what i think are even bigger negatives. she has unlike Bernie never criticized any aggression by the US, except in 2007 when she said her vote in 2002 was a "mistake."  Five years to figure that out and only after Obama was challenging her and making her look like the war-monger she is.   Her pro-war wishes include a desire to further encircle Russia.  Even though Russia has shown restraint when the democratically elected government of Ukraine was overthrown.[this is US/NATO pushing foolishly up against Russia, though Russia in return ate part of the Ukraine...]  But, only a fool would think that Russia would not use nuclear weapons if it thought its survival was at stake.  So, what is the point of such belligerence?  Don't such dangerous idiots see that WW III could be just around the corner?  it is no wonder that many thoughtful observers are comparing 2016 to 1914.  Personally I would rather have Trump as President than the ex-GW girl because I think she is a bit crazy when it comes to foreign policy.  Of course, tens of millions of dollars from the Gulf kingdoms may be warping her views but I think not.  I think GW never left the GW Girl; it's her mind's go-to resting place.  
    On domestic policy, there is no mention of single payer throughout the email you sent.  Single payer is supported over 3-2 voters according to a recent poll.  Among Democrats it is supporter by over 4 to 1.  But, Hillary takes on the cloak of Reagan and says "it will raise taxes."  And, let us not forget Bernie's filibuster against the pro-1% Bush tax cut extension (another obama WTF that i am sure Hillary and bill must greatly appreciate).  She readily takes the pro-austerity neo-lib position while Bernie talks about being a Keynesian.  
 The Hillary "accomplishments" listed are very small, and her role not that big anyway, compared to the Hillary disasters such as support for the overthrow of the elected government in Honduras or the blocking of rapprochement with anti-IS countries in Western Asia or the overthrow of Gaddafi.  She is very scary to me and I imagine there are a lot of Republicans who will gladly support her war efforts but wonder how many Democrats would vote against them if proposed by a Democrat, if they were even given the chance to vote.  

Yes, a Republican would bad but why vote for a very scary one in the Democratic primary or even in November when there are alternatives?  
Kind regards, Mark Johnson Single Payer, Healthcare for need not greed:  promotes health, saves lives, reduces costs"


     Under challenge from Bernie, Hillary is getting better and better on naming racism.  But as this letter suggests, Bernie is a Keynsian; the real public works program he advocates would give a chance to millions, with an emphasis on young, African-Americans,  to be usefully employed...

     Mark misguidedly ignores the Trump's grotesque racism toward Syrians and Mexicans, among many others; Hillary, though dangerous, would be better than any of the Republicans.

     But Bernie would be positively good.

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