Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Greek Movement Solidarity

   Michael Schwartz forward this better from Marina Sitrin, calling for solidarity of organizations (and individuality) with Greek rejection of further impoverishment by the EU?IMF.  I will send out a later post on this today, but please ask organizations to consider what actions might be taken in solidarity with ordinary Greeks (and the rest of us who are being ruled by varying degrees of "austerity."


Greek Movement Solidarity

Friends and Compañer@s,

Please circulate and sign.
(For now we are asking for groups, or people who can sign for the group, and soon will ask for individuals.)

A Call:
International Movement Solidarity with Greece 

What might an international network of concrete solidarity with Greece look like - in any scenario - following a default?

To begin to imagine this there is a call for groups, collectives, movements, networks, cooperatives, recuperated workplaces, farms, gardens and beyond to think together about what resources we have to offer.

The call is to support from below struggles in Greece.

First, it is asked that people agree that they will find a way to act in concrete solidarity. What this will look like will be discussed in the coming days and weeks and the Greek movements will come out with a statement to clarify what the relationship might look like, how etc.

What is being asked for now is a commitment in case of default. 

Please sign with the name of your group, collective, movement, network, cooperative or workplace and send to me for now I am currently in Greece and this came out of conversations with base movements.

We are committed to concrete solidarity with Greece and Greek movements:

1.Claudia Acuña, for Cooperativa de Trabajo Lavaca ( y MU), Buenos Aires, Argentina

2. Roar Magazine ( reflections on a revolution)

Seamos realistas, hagamos lo imposible ~ che

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