Monday, June 2, 2014

A poem from Tenzin Jigme

The Tibetan resistance flourishes in poetry, in English as well as Tibetan (the community exists in exile, people often having grown up their whole lives in statelessness in India, and see, not at a great physical and spiritual distance - Dharmasala is in the Himalayas and Ladakh,too, is not far from Tibet - a vision of an independent homeland and the resistance of the oppressed 6 million.

Tenzin Jigme, head of the Tibetan Youth Congress who, some time ago, studied at the University of Colorado at Denver and DU, sent me the note and poem below. The imagery is militant and - some of those who gave their lives burned themselves - at least expands the sense of nonviolence - see also my "The Fiery Invisible Sword of Nonviolence" on Tenzin Tsundue here):

“Hi Alan‬

How you doing? I wanted to share this poem i wrote last week when I visited Ladakh North India with you. Over the mountains was my country Tibet. So near yet so far. This poem is dedicated to all those Tibetans who have sacrificed their lives for our nation:

Our Heroes

For 'em unsung heroes
We carry the torch
Flames in the skies
It's about the people

We do it for the departed
those who hop in fire
Fight against the liars
Freedom they desire

Misunderstood glorified
Under the bright light
It's hard to breath right
when Hope is in sight

Wind blows in my face
voices from far cry
this is no drama
We want HH the Dalai lama

So much confusion
Words fire like distortion
communities commotion
cohesive coercion

This is a combat
recognize realize
1959 the battle of Lhasa
guns blazing people praying

Folks rising The Uprising
breaking down the walls
barriers between us
they will fall

The Hans n us
together we ride
this storm of red
where victory is made

For 'em unsung heroes
and thee departed
We salute their might
We salute their right

Sacrifices made
Six million at stake
Heroes make us believe
Tibet will be Free

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