Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Come hear Palestinian rank and file nonviolent activists, this Saturday, 6 pm, Sie 150, University of Denver


The Dorothy Cotton Institute organized the civil rights delegation to the Occupied Territories that I went on in October, 2012. See here and here. It is sponsoring Fadi Quran, whom I met, and Irene Nasser to come tell the startling truth about a) nonviolent resistance in the Occupied Territories, an important form of struggle and b) the bizarre calculation of the Israeli Occupation and attempt at a second "transfer" or ethnic cleansing. They are only here Saturday and this is a unique opportunity to hear about this struggle which deserves - and does not here obtain, given the stranglehold of corrupt American arming and joint training of police and military with Israel - widespread knowledge and democratic support from below.


"Disrupting the Status Quo:
A Means to Liberation
presentations by
Palestinian Non-violent Resistance leaders:
Irene Nasser and Fadi Quran

Come learn about the:

• Historical context and situation on the ground in Israel and the Palestinian Territories
• Nonviolent resistance movement (including the historic and current role of women)
• Legal background from the perspective of Palestinians
• Role of the US, and the relevance of US citizens in shaping what is possible
• Ways that you can support full human rights for Palestinians

Date and time: Saturday, March 1, 6 pm
Location: Sie Center 150 (at Cherrington Hall, Korbel School of International Studies, DU)
Sponsored by: Dorothy Cotton Institute, Students for Justice in Palestine (DU) and the Center for Middle East Studies (DU)

Irene Nasser is an activist and community strategist based in Jerusalem who has organized and participated in unarmed resistance and direct action for almost a decade. Irene was one of the organizers of Bab Al-Shams protest village, has aided in strategizing direct action in Hebron and across the West Bank, and participated in protests and direct action in villages and cities across Palestine. Irene received an MA in International Service from American University, Washington, DC in 2007. Irene has also worked with journalists and international influencers to bring to light the stories of Palestinian community organizers working locally. Irene created an Arabic Graphic Novel, Budrus (based on Just Vision’s film directed by Julia Bacha). She is the co-producer of a series of short films, "Home Front," Aspen ShortFest Official Selection 2012 as well as "My Neighbourhood," Winner of the 2012 Peabody Award, the 2012 Al Jazeera Documentary Film Festival Award, and Official Selection of the Tribeca Film Festival 2012, among many.

Fadi Quran is a community organizer in Palestine and works as Advocacy Officer at Palestinian human rights organization Al-Haq, the West Bank affiliate of the International Commission of Jurists. He is an entrepreneur in the alternative energy field, and has founded Tayara energy, a company that is developing high altitude wind energy generators. He is a leading partner and Chief Business Development Officer at Independent Wind, an alternative energy company that is bringing the first large-scale wind farms to Palestine and will provide more than 8% of the population's energy demand in the West Bank and Gaza. Mr. Quran completed an MA in Human Rights and Democracy at Birzeit University; his research focuses on constitutional law, collective actions, social contract theory and revolutions. He believes that it is his generation's responsibility to achieve freedom, justice, and dignity for the people of the Middle East, and knows from his experience on the ground throughout the region that they have the potential to achieve these goals, in their lifetime."

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