Thursday, January 30, 2014

Lacrosse as the Medicine Game: DU, Feb. 5, 7 pm, Davis Auditorium

As part of a series of events on Native American culture, John Evans and Sand Creek at the University of Denver this spring and fall, the Native American Students Association is showing The Medicine Game and sponsoring a panel about lacrosse, Wednesday, February 5th at 7 pm in Davis Auditorium at Sturm Hall (h/t Viki Eagle and Amanda Williams).


In a setting where racism and disregard for indigenous students are still a serious problem (a Native American student in journalism told me of walking onto campus his first day and being confronted by some white students who told him he "didn't belong here"...; there is still "controversy" over having "Indian-killer" Daniel Boone removed as school mascot...), this is a valuable effort to remind us that much of what is good in American life (recall, for example, the Iroquois confederacy and its influence on federalism) comes from indigenous culture and that we could learn more, have a deeper conversation (this, of course, requires acknowledgement and repudiation of still ongoing ethnic cleansing - see here).


If, for example, we were to reverse the elite's destruction of nature, for instance, halting the Keystone XL pipeline, it is indigenous insight and leadership which has played a central role and which we can collectively thank. See here and here.


I hope everyone in the DU area will come to see the "Medicine Game."

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