Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Sand Creek Massacre Spiritual Healing Run, November 28-30

The massacre is a living thing, present now in the hearts and daily lives of the descendants. You can feel it powerfully at the beginning of the run in the Memorial near Eads. See poem "Sand Creek" here. The spiritual and healing dimension of this marathon is both about the intergenerational trauma of the massacre among Cheyennes and Arapahos and also about the continual denial - the Founding Amnesia - among the murderous "leaders" of Colorado. For Denver was built out of this massacre as surely as sites - monuments, parks, highways - in the South celebrate Jefferson Davis, Nathan Bedford Forrest, founder of the Klan, and bondage. Mount Evans, Evans Boulevard, Evans Chapel and Evans professors in Denver, not to mention Evanston, Illinois are all named for the Ethnic Cleanser in Chief, i.e. the Governor of the Colorado Territory and Indian Agent John Evans.

The run also honors those officers in the butchering army who opposed and stood aside from this attack on indigenous people whom they knew had made peace with the US army, Silas Soule and Joseph Cameron. In addition, Lieutenants William Minton, Chauncey M. Cossit and James Cannon fought with Col. Chivington who led the massacre). The run stops at Soule's and Cameron's tombs in Riverside Cemetery and at 15th and Arapahoe (new life is given by indigenous people once each year to a name appropriated by those who drove out of Colorado) site where in 1865, Silas Soule, then a Denver police officer, was assassinated for standing up for decency by two Union soldiers. Its aim is to bring forth a beginning spirit of healing in the abyss that was "extermination"/genocide.

I will be in Dharmasala in India on these dates, but I urge everyone in Colorado and the surrounding area to come.


"15th Annual
Sand Creek Massacre
Spiritual Healing Run/ Walk
November 28-30, 2013

Everyone Welcome

A commemoration for victims and survivors of the massacre, and healing of ancestral homelands.


Thursday November 28th

7:00 AM Sunrise Ceremony – “Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site”, located 18 miles northeast of Eads in Southeastern Colorado

9:00 AM Commencement of ‘Healing Run’

Friday November 29th

7:00 AM Sunrise Ceremony – TBD
Continue Healing Run to Denver

Saturday November 30th

8:00 AM Honoring Ceremony Riverside Cemetery, 5201 Brighton Boulevard, Denver
Captain Silas Soule, Company D 1st Colorado Calvary, U.S. Army and Lieutenant Joseph A. Cramer, Company K 8th Ohio Cavalry, U.S. Army

10:00 AM Continue ‘Healing Run’ from Riverside Cemetery to the Colorado State Capitol Building, 4 mile distance – MUST REGISTER TO RUN

11:00 AM At 15th and Arapahoe —near the site where Soule was assassinated—the runners will join with walkers and continue to the State Capitol Building ALL PARTICIPANTS WALK THE LAST 1-MILE

12:00 PM Presentation at the Colorado State Capitol Building (West side)

6:00 PM Candlelight Vigil at the Denver Art Museum Wheel sculpture,
100 West 14th Avenue Parkway, Denver

149th Anniversary of the 1864 Sand Creek Massacre
November 29, 2013

A commemoration for victims and survivors of the massacre, and for healing of ancestral homelands.

For More Information:

Otto Braided Hair, H.(406)592-3599, C.(406)749-4325,
David Halaas, H.(303)627-4195, C.(412)600-8392, email:
Vanessa Braided Hair, email:
Bill Tallbull,

Absolutely no drugs or alcohol allowed - Not responsible for injury or theft"

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