Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A poem by Joe Richey on Syria and ploughshares

Joe Richey, a political activist and poet, sent me this apt comment on Obama's speech today. It is an interesting phenomenon that the US army, which committed ethnic cleansing, as if under a spell, names weapons for "Indian country": "tomahawks." In this, it emulates the shadowy names of civilian Arapahoe County but no Arapahoes, but of course, is a big time killer:


I Had A Dream Barack Obama Speech

Our President spread his palms wide and said,
“In the name of Martin Luther King Jr., a man of peace,
I too will so move as a man of peace:

To cooperate with UN chemical weapon inspectors’ timeline.
To refrain from unilateral military action against the people
of Syria, or their president’s residence and offices.

I understand, as most Americans understand, that collective punishment
of the Syrian people for the heinous acts of a few,
will not advance the cause of peace.

As a representative of the public will,
and like Martin - a child of the Lord,
I do solemnly swear.

These are times for ploughshares
Not for tomahawks!”

written on the 50th anniversary of MLK, Jr.'s I Have a Dream Speech
Joe Richey

Boulder, Colorado

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