Friday, July 5, 2013

Ken McClenton, The Exceptional Conservative, interview on Black Patriots and Loyalists

On his show The Exceptional Conservative, Ken McClenton interviewed me July 3 on Black Patriots and Loyalists. Ken spoke forcefully of being mis-educated in the schools, even private schools. He learned from and loved the book. He chose to interview me for July 4th to bring this idea to many who need to learn that black sailors and abolitionists were a decisive force throughout the run-up to the Revolution and in soldiering in it. Ken spoke of this as a liberating conversation. Over researching it for 16 years, it has also been for me as a longstanding anti-racist, glad to learn that there were so many blacks and whites who fought for freedom - emancipation (this of course leaves out indigenous people who were oppressed and driven out - see Peter Silver, Our Savage Neighbors) - and helped generate gradual emancipation throughout the North. We had a lovely conversation and will have several more.

Black Patriots and Loyalists will be out in paperback September 1 (now to be priced at $17.50). It could be widely used in schools for it makes a novel, nonpartisan and liberating point about the importance and meaning of American liberty. For the interview, listen here.

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