Friday, October 26, 2012

I wil speak at the Boulder Unitarian Church Sunday at 7 pm on Palestine and the Presidential election

I will talk at a forum for the Unitarian Church at 5001 Pennsylvania Avenue in Boulder Sunday evening at 7 about my journey with a delegation of civil rights veterans including Vincent Harding and Dorothy Cotton and jews including Alice Rothchild and Rabbi Brian Walt to the occupied territories, and the Presidential election. The journey, which I have been writing about, was disturbing to all of us and will take a long time to process. In talking with Maeve Conren for KGNU this morning, I spoke of Janna, the 7 year old from Nabih Saleh, whose brave words to Israeli soldiers about her friend Mustafa Tamimi, 17 years old - "why did you kill Mustafa? He was my best friend. I love him" and asking them "why do you laugh?," captures much of what is at issue in the Occupation. See here.

I also have something to say about how America, especially the two parties now in the last throes of an election, is strengthening the side of violence, war, disenfranchisement and dispossession. I will speak to the new and hopeful movement of nonviolent resistance among Palestinians and their Jewish allies. The latter are, unfortunately, still a small group. Ordinary Israelis need to find a way about upholding equal rights and decent treatment for all. See here. And we Americans, too, need a deep turn around in awareness of the facts to do something about this.

The foreign policy debate, a competition about who could support Israel more vehemently (with Romney suddenly seeming to affirm Obama's policies) was, in this respect, sad. Nonetheless, there are also significant differences even on these issues between Obama, who has so far commendably avoided a disastrous aggression against Iran and who understands the grim obstacle to any decent resolution posed by the settlements, and Romney. A vote for Obama, in this respect, is a vote for decency and time. We will still need to develop a movement from below to compel thought and change on these issues.

If Romney is elected President, war and the war the settlements are on Palestinians will grow.

I will also discuss the relationship between third party candidates like Jill Stein and Rocky Anderson and social movements (Occupy, a movement for a decent settlement about the Occupied Territories).

America does not need a larger war in the Middle East provoked by an aggression against Iran. Such a war will wind threateningly over time with Israel currently possessing nuclear weapons and in the throes of fear and mania...(see here).

Palestine seems far away. But the dangers to Americans posed by the wrong choices here are deep.

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