Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I will talk about violence and nonviolence at City o City for Occupy Denver Thursday August 9 at 5:30

Occupy Denver has asked me to speak and be part of a discussion at a teach in this Thursday August 9th at City O' City at 5:30 pm. City O' City is located on 13th at the corner of 13th and Sherman (206 E. 13th Av.). I will talk about: Why revolutionary violence was once a way but nonviolence is the future. This has been a much debated topic in the Occupy movement and some clarity about it is vital to Occupy's (and America's) future.

The Chinese and Vietnamese revolutions are two examples (now more than 40 years old) of successful violent revolutionary struggles. But many of the changes more recently, for instance in Eastern Europe or Arab spring, have come about largely nonviolently and with comparatively, many fewer deaths. The earth is now being poisoned by global warming and the wars of American militarism. The militarists use the threat of violence to attempt to legitimize their much greater violence. Nonviolence in a stronger version (more organized than Gandhi or even than the Southern civil rights movement) is a way forward…

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