Monday, May 21, 2012

Interview today with Donnie Betts, KGNU, AM 1390, FM 88.5 at 3 pm

Donnie Betts will interview me today about Black Patriots and Loyalists on KGNU AM 1390, FM 88.5 on Metro at 3pm. Donnie is currently making a film about Vincent Harding and is a longtime activist against racism. As one can see from previous posts, I am engaged in a further conversation, beyond the book, about the international revolution for abolition as well as one about the shaping of American institutions in order to preserve slavery, the side effects of which - for instance, genocide against indigenous people, the obstruction of New Deal legislation, student debt-"slavery" and the prison-probation complex today are devastating. See here, here, here and here. The conversation should be lively.

For the facebook page about Black Patriots and Loyalists, see here.

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