Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A sad reversal

n a new Dred Scott decision, the "Supreme" Court has ruled that it will not block the execution of Troy Davis. There were no dissents and the response was but one sentence indicating denial. Neither Thomas and not any of the moderates acted decently or intelligently. Amnesty International leader Larry Cox says that the decision is cowardly. That is right. It is also true that no civilized state - not one that strives for the rule of law - will remand a suspected murderer to the United States because it practices the death penalty.

It is appallingly sad - for me and everyone else watching this - to take in this murder of an almost certainly innocent man. The execution was delayed three hours because of the facts and the massive international protest, but even former FBI director Sessions and Georgia death penalty proponent Bob Barr who intervened in this case could stay the hand of injustice. Troy Davis will be murdered by the State of Georgia in the next 30 minutes.

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