Sunday, November 21, 2010

Link to KGNU show on Wikileaks and Elite War Crimes

To access Joel Edelstein’s interview with me on Wikileaks and Petraeus and questions and answers, go to
Hit Morning Magazine for November 17th (Wednesday) – the middle (the second) of the three icons on the far right. The full program will start (from a couple of minutes before 8. It takes a few seconds to be able to move the cursor, but then move it ahead about 35 minutes – the interview begins at 8:35. The discussion lasts till 9 o'clock. The last question in which the listener suggests that each of us protest in terms of how we spend our money but also that the American people, rather than the elite of the war complex and the megabanks is responsible for the death of law and (I hope) my response are particularly important. For a post on Wikileaks and elite war crimes, see here. Many thanks to Amentahru Wahlrab for pointing out another way to download and access the program in the comments here.

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