Monday, August 23, 2010

Wednesday morning 8:35-9:30 AM I will be on KGNU on Condi Rice, torture and executive power in the Bush and Obama administrations

On Wednesday morning KGNU FM 88.5, AM 1390 at 8:35-9:30 AM, Joel Edelstein has invited me to be a guest on a show on Condi Rice and executive power in the Bush and Obama administrations. Also in the conversation will be John Bambrick and Jeremy Kirk who interviewed several prisoners from Guantanamo after their release in Bermuda. So there will be a lot of depth to Rice’s and the Bush administration’s role as war criminals. By preventing any hearings and shielding such criminals, Obama has sadly cemented torture as the likely American way from here on out (consider a Palin or Romney presidency…). Yet Condi has a chance, at the Friday Korbel dinner at the University of Denver or later, to step up historically in saying that these were crimes and a monstrous and self-destructive error that must never be repeated– see here. Sadly, it does not seem, for the Democrats as well as the Republicans that torture is an error but rather the kind of thing a (declining) authoritarian and imperial power does. The honoring of Condi as she is, is tragically part of the slow death of the rule of law and democracy in the United States. See here and here.

For my debate with Republican State Senator Shawn Mitchell on whether Condi is a war criminal, see here, and for my “A Performer Lost in her Performance” here.

In response to a question from readers, Condi is my former student and I did not organize any protest against her coming. She is no longer, as it were, in the act of torture.

That she can no longer travel abroad for fear of arrest – the most recent Secretary of State – is comment enough.

That she cannot speak of this issue except, waving her finger at a Stanford undergraduate questioner, to assert that the President told her it is legal – Bush has now announced that he water-boarded prisoners and is proud of it – also says quite a lot.

That Obama permits no inquiry, because I am sad to say, enough facts have surfaced...

Her silence and that of her likely Friday entourage on this issue is mutual pretence. She will put up a brave front against shadows. One might weep for America and my school.

The show is in the Eastern time zone 10-35-11:30, Central 9:35, Pacific 7:35. The program can be streamed at I will post the tape on the web as soon as it is available.


Anonymous said...

You gave us Condi. Next time you should think twice before you let brilliant students pass the exams.

Alan Gilbert said...

Ah yes, you tease well, Martiou. Personally, I have enough trouble figuring myself out, and would not presume to think I understand well what anyone else will do, let alone to act on it corruptly if I thought I had such insight. So I do resort to ordinary encouragement and reasonable grading.

Condi was like a rocket ship. She was going to succeed - to fulfill her expression at age 10 to her parents standing before the White House that she would work there. Too bad it wasn't with a President Gary Hart whom she had initially worked for in 1984 and 1988. Too bad that all that devotion and determination ended up presiding over torture...

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