Saturday, July 24, 2010

CNN special on the Sherrods and the civil rights movement at 7 and 10 tonight

My friend John Perdew who was also a hero of the civil rights movement in Southwest Georgia and whose experiences are recorded in the one act play "The Education of a Harvard Man" (performed in Denver this spring; KGNU broadcast it), knows the Sherrods and sent me a note about the CNN special tonight at 7 and 10.

"Dear Alan,

As you may know, CNN is doing a special on the Sherrods and the civil rights movement in SW Georgia. They broadcast it first at 7 to 8 this evening, will replay it at 10 this evening.
I know the Sherrods from my days in SNCC 1963-66 in SW Georgia. They are how they are portrayed: persistent, outspoken, and broad-minded. Whites were part of Sherrod's part of SNCC from at least 1962, if not 1961. They (we) went to jail with blacks, but we were put into the white cells, where we could be threatened with beatings and harassed. Sherrod is a charismatic leader even now. He will lead a freedom song at the slightest excuse. Shirley is best at the podium, explaining what she and others are trying to do for and with black farmers.

We are still close. Sherrod married me and my wife in 2004 in a hospital room in Albany, where I was recovering from pneumonia. Shirley was the witness. I worked for Shirely for 4-5 years with the Albany officde of Federation of Southern Cooperatives, and now work for the Federation at their Atlanta office. Shirley called my wife Pat last week when things were beginning to heat up at the Breitbart website. She was understandably downhearted and tired. But then later, after CNN turned the story around, she was much lighter, but still quite humble.

Embrace diversity!


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