Monday, May 17, 2010

Poems: Dunamis, little magician of Mess kirch, home less


                                                    1. Dunamis


not so many women then 

       not so many beautiful young women then 

              not so many smart young women then

                     who yearned for the rid dle of existence

                              and opened her self


a face that launched a thousand

                              as he reached  o u t


                                   to tou c h


                                2.  Lit tle Magician of Mess kirch


He had it all

      the students drunk on his words

             a secret Fu eh r er

                in the kingdom of thought


and he swelled the be in g

       of the leader

            like the   sea


he made himselfsmall




he sunk his word s and be ing

                                            into the leader


he took the little student

     who had traveled in America

and wrote words

        heavy with po i son


to cast him  out

                                 3. Home less


In Der Spiegel

     he spoke


In the Human Condition

     she spoke

(he is still



 in a poem

     the beautiful  Den ise  Lever tov



of humans uprooted

     leaving the planet 

                    leaving the trees

                                   and flowers

                                           and eve

                                                   and snake


      leaving the poisoned gulf 



from which their



                    home  less

had once


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