Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I will lead a discussion after a showing of American Faust: from Condi to neo-Condi at Starz film festival this Friday January 22 at 7:20

Sebastian Doggart's American Faust: from Condi to neo-Condi will show at the Starz Film Festival in Denver this Friday January 22 at 7:20 (900 Auraria Parkway).  The film looks at Condi's life with some sympathy but brings out her role in advocating and implementing torture in the Bush administration.   I will lead a discussion/answer questions afterwards.  The film will run from January 22 to January 29.  For more information including a short clip, see http://www.denverfilm.org/festival/film/detail.aspx?id=22787&FID=49
        Today, Scott Horton's revelatory and frightening article on the murder of three prisoners at a black site at Guantanamo in one day in 2006 and a concerted coverup of these crimes as "suicides" has appeared and received wide international publicity, notably in England. See here, here and here.  The American press is silent.  The Obama administration has been covering up these crimes.  The story is worth reading carefully.  It provides a context for seeing this film as well as for understanding what America, under the Bush-Cheney administration, has become, and how the Obama administration, despite his promising beginnings in ordering an end to torture, is today making itself a bipartisan accomplice in these crimes.  


Derrick Hudson said...


Good to see you yesterday at the film screening of American Faust. I would encourage you to write Condi a personal letter. I believe that all people have the opportunity to be redeemed. She did have a formative intellectual relationship with you. Sometimes, being reminded of what formed us from early can be helpful later in life. Just a suggestion.

Stay well.

Derrick Hudson

Alan Gilbert said...


Thank you for the wonderful suggestion. As someone who has learned from Desmond Tutu, No Future without Forgiveness, I have been thinking about drafting such a letter for a while. Given the corruption of the Obama administration on this issue - no torture but an empty cover for torturers "(look to the future" - in which we may find the Republican or bipartisan renewal of torture!) - there are real possibilities of doing something important and decent by acknowledging criminality and saying that the US must not pursue this path again. This is the one thing I suspect that would remove the possibility of prosecution internationally of her or someone else who spoke up. And all of us would be grateful.

Best wishes,

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