Monday, October 26, 2009

Poem: three



every child ofOran

           and Arlington


under satincaps    under shawls and vanished


          ashes of an ice



every child of Oran

            and the gray stacks of Mauthausen


                     is a gift among strangers


for a sister or brother

       breathes back against the cold

                        under the fingers on the pane


or turns as the heat vibrates

     vertebrae of the dust


                        to walk a path no









       conason, son of cohen, kahn

       gaylbart, gailbord, gilbert

       epstein, easton


                                 (and now) epstein


daughters translate beards

                  of shtetls





             rings the thin hands of the twofingered


             wounded in 1905


Nora seller of fancy hats



                       underground of



               in the longuniform of New Guinea

                    wraps tiger





the song of Solomon

      over the Vitepsk of Central





     in the shadows

         the loquacious





             Yah weh

                      demand proofs


                         to emptiness


                                    to slit a son’s throat

                                         for a sudden


                                    or turn a woman

                                         to pillared


I honor slave emancipation

   but no longer worship warrior



yet of quiet December evenings

     watch the shadows play along the wall


                 and the sway of pine branches

                       under cold wind


                                 as the breath of darkness

                                      wounds the warrior



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