Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Poem: Dances




my first day at KarachiAmericanSchool

      I didn’t dress for the    



the senior class held a Slave Sale

       and Boj  the auctioneer

               top hat and blackwhip brandished high

                      jacked up the bidding


                      you can get the handsomest guy to

                               push a peanut with his

                                        nose across the floor”


                                                  two hundred rupees


                      and “who knows what a girl will do


                                  for fifty more




I asked Brooks to the



           she practiced Indian dance


           showed me the liquid

                          moves of Shivaand

                                                    Parvat i


                                       on downtown afternoons  


          (Khan Driver

                     for 20 rupees a month

                            pressed the Ford

                                           round ambling




                                                       and through Punjabi


her dad  the herpetologist

        kept Indian Ocean



                 in the bathtub


                 kraits curled

                             smokelike in his study


and Brooks was always late for supper




dreeeam   dream

  all you gotta do is


        and you stood there


                          in a blue sari

                               too much blush


         I didn’t wear a tuxedo

            stumbled through my


         when we snuck out

                    other dances

                               alive in our limbs


                    the eyes of chaperones



                                         upon us

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