Tuesday, August 25, 2009


         Alberto Gonzalez once referred to the Geneva Conventions as quaint.  The CIA inspector-general’s report describes, for instance, 

          "169. The debriefer who employed the hand gun and power drill on Al-Nashir[material blacked out] advised that those techniques were predicated on techniques he had participated in [blacked out] The debriefer stated that when he was [blacked out] between September and October 2002  [blacked out] offered to fire a handgun outside the interrogation room while a debriefer was interviewing a detainee who was thought to be withholding information.68 [blacked out] staged the incident which included screaming and yelling by CIA officers outside the cell by other CIA officers and [blacked out] guards.  When the guards moved the detainee from the interrogation room, they passed a guard who was dressed as a hooded detainee lying motionless on the ground and made to appear as if he had been shot to death.

…the debriefer entered the detainee’s cell and revved the drill while the detainee stood naked and hooded.  The debriefer did not touch the detainee with the power drill.

            94…The debriefer [blacked out] reportedly wanted Al-Nahiri to infer for psychological reasons that the debriefer might be [blacked out]  intelligence officer based on his Arabic dialect and that Al-Nashiri was in [blacked out] custody because it was widely believed in Middle East circles that [blacked out] interrogation technique involves sexually abusing female relatives in front of the detainee."

(see Glenn Greenwald’s column in Salon.com today here)  The interrogators feared as they carried out the activities.  They discussed the murder of prisoners in their custody.

       "232.  [crossed out material] One officer expressed concern that one day Agency officers will end up on some ‘wanted list’ to appear before the World Court for war crimes stemming from their activities . [blacked out material]    Another said `Ten years from now we’re going to be very sorry we’re doing this…[but] it has to be done.' He expressed concern that the CTC program will be exposed in the media and cited particular concern about the possibility of being named in a leak."

        What is quaint is that there are no legal investigations in the United States of America of Alberto Gonzalez, Richard Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and George Bush.

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