Thursday, August 6, 2009

Poem: Ecole Normale Superieure



on gray Parisian evenings

     Dick Blau and I would browse the bookstalls

              by the Seine

                   leaves of poetry

                              and smoke would curl

                                     in bedrooms

                                         the curve of imagined sex

                                               as live as taste or smell


                              “god pity those

                                       but wanton to the knees”


and in the afternoons

       I’d go with Bob Leonhardt

             to Althusser’s seminars

                  on the silences in Marx’s Kapital

                       or leaflet with Maoist friends about Vietnam

                            at factory




we’d walk to Bob’s room

          through the workers’ corridor

                        small chambers with a cot

                                  chair table picture



                                                 of spent galaxy

                                                      a solitary star


                       the militants never spoke

                                                      with them






                                        as sight or speech

This was originally published some years ago  by The Denver Quarterly (many thanks to Don Revell)

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