Saturday, June 6, 2009

Video: Depression, militarism and how to do something about them


      At Metropolitan State College in Denver, in April Professor Haider Ali Khan and I spoke, he about the depression and I about militarism, the green economy, and the internationalist revolt extending from the rebellion in Greece against police murder and inequality to the demonstrations at every University in England following the Israeli government’s slaughter in Gaza to the movement mainly of young people which helped elect Barack Obama.  Globalization of the finance-mad American system has produced massive suffering internationally, even worse now in its economic crisis than the horrifying poverty (orphans hunting for scraps of food and saleable items in garbage dumps in Mexico and the Philippines) which the Millenium program was designed to combat.  Democratic internationalism is, as I suggest in my talk and in Must Global Politics Constrain Democracy?, the conjunction of movements of citizens against their own state(s), for instance, the worldwide movement against American and British aggression in Iraq. But the real issue, long ago posed by Thoreau, is for each of us to say no to finance capitalism, aggression and torture.   Haider’s talk is first here, mine is second here.

        We will both speak at a follow up colloquium on these topics at Metro in the fall.


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