Sunday, June 14, 2009

Is fascism possible?

       When I was a teenager, I visited Athens on my way to see my parents in Pakistan.  At breakfast at my hotel, I met a pale man in his 30s and we had a long conversation.  He spoke of the need for order in Greece, of the weakness of parliament, of the need for a leader. He spoke of how on the beach that day, he “was going to be white.”

      His paleness augured the Generals’ rule from 1968-74.

      I also visited the Doxiadis family.  The daughter wrote poetry and introduced me to the words of George Seferis.  The father was a famous international architect who had designed the ongoing remaking of Rawalpindi as the capital in Pakistan and was a friend of my father.  He was a powerful man.  I told him of my conversation with the pale man and asked: is fascism possible in Greece? No, he said, not a chance.

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