Friday, May 15, 2009

Interview with David Sirota on torture

  On March 30, I discussed torture with David Sirota on the Jay Marvin show on Air America here.  

     At the end of this interview, I employ John Rawls's idea of an original position - that one put oneself in the position of the least advantaged person or the other to decide on moral principles, that one cannot know what position in society she will end up in and so one must decide principles which at least prevent horrible results - to sketch out what George W. Bush must have meant when he said "we are good and they are evil."  Obviously, one might note, one side has a system of torture prisons and extraordinary renditions and it must be - Al Qaida.   It is dangerous to puff oneself up as all good and demonize others, even great enemies, so that one permits oneself to commit crimes against them.  The Bush way of supposedly opposing terror has made ordinary Americans and decent people the world over much more insecure. 

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