Friday, May 15, 2009

Debate: is Condi Rice a war criminal?

     I debated republican state senator Sean Mitchell about whether Condi Rice is a war criminal.  Mitchell tried to debate the issue seriously.  But he pursued two contradictory arguments.  First, he claimed that all of us outraged at torture really want Bush and Cheney prosecuted, not Condi (that was actually my fallback position; I would like Condi out of politics and political influence, and regretting her crimes, but not in jail); the second position was that it is "comforting" to have the principals debating in the White House basement the exact techniques to be used in torturing each prisoner, including the number of times they may be waterboarded (I wonder how they arrived at 183 times in a month for Khalid Shaikh Mohammed).  If you want Torquemada or Himmler as a leader, perhaps this is a satisfying thought.  But the first and decent thought shows its lack of decency.  The debate is here.

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